Bristol Tantra Massage Weekend

April 27 & 28, 2013 @ Yogasara Studio. How would you like to learn the beautiful Art of Sacred Sensual Massage? Nisarg (Kian) and Tricia invite you to a safe and supportive environment in which to explore deepening intimacy through clear communication & conscious presence.

The workshops will include:

* Detailed anatomy presentations
* How to approach and connect to the recipient
* A full demonstration of Yoni / Lingham massage showing specific strokes
* Breathing for energetic charging and discharging
* The chance be guided in your own experience of Lingham / Yoni massage
* Comparison of Taoist Erotic Massage and Tantric massage
* A handout to guide your practice at home

Who for:
As this is a practical workshop, bookings are for two people at least one of whom has a Yoni / Lingham (depending on the day)! Apart from this, all genders and sexualities are very welcome. Whether you attend with a lover, friend or practice partner is your choice.

Post-Workshop feedback:

“Wonderful workshop! We created a beautiful experience over the weekend! Tricia and Nisarg created a safe space for a profound, moving and honest sharings! I am touched by authenticity the facilitators brought with their presence which inspired the whole group to open on a whole new level.”

Your Facilitators:

Gyan Nisarg has been delivering sacred sexual massage / erotic bodywork for the past 18 years. He has completed courses with many of the UK tantra schools with teachers including Sarita, Chester Mainard, Joseph Kramer, Barbara Carrellas, John Hawken, Deborah Anapol, Alan Lowen, Andy Saich, and many others.

Tricia has experience in working with men and intimacy as well as in tantric massage, sacred sexual healing and group facilitation.