Can I book a session for today?

While you are welcome to ask, it is unlikely that I will be able to see you on the day you make contact, so it is advisable to plan ahead.

Do you do home visits?

Most clients come to my practice in Devon but home visits in other locations (London, etc) may be possible. Please ask.

Do you follow a code of practice?

Yes, I uphold the ethics and standards of the Association of Sexological Bodyworkers as well as those of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexology.

What is the difference between Tantric and Taoist erotic massage?

As many Tantric masseurs use techniques developed by Joseph Kramer, in practice there can be little difference between the two.

The main theoretical difference is that Tantra often refers to chakras and focuses upon God / Goddess forms, while Taoism emphasises the attainment of greater health and longevity. However, they both share an aspiration towards being more joyful, more present, more perceptive and of stabilising one’s vibrational level at ever higher frequencies.

As I have studied Tantra extensively, my approach blends the two.

Can my partner learn about sexual massage?

Yes, it is possible to book teaching sessions. The format would be more like a mini workshop than a massage session.

I would recommend booking a one-to-one session first so you know what I am offering.

Can my partner watch?

You are welcome to bring a chaperone if you wish. A chaparone’s role is to be in the space and provide reassurance by their presence – they should not expect to play an active role in the session. If they want to learn erotic massage, that is a different service (see above).

Can I touch you?

The answer depends on your intention. Some women feel a strong need to hold onto someone when they are in a state of high erotic arousal. That is completely fine. However, it is important to understand that the sessions are not reciprocal.

You do not have to be passive and are invited to be actively receptive by breathing, making sounds, naming your desires and moving; what Dr. Joseph Kramer calls table dancing or orgasmic yoga.

Receiving erotic massage is an art and most people need several sessions to learn it.

Most people who are not familiar with erotic massage try to frame it in terms they are familiar with i.e. by comparing it to partner sex, yet it is a very different experience.

The only way to really understand this is to experience it.

What are your rates?

For tantric massage and sex coaching I charge £110 per hour in Devon and £150 per hour in London.

For questions specific to the services I offer please see the relevant pages in the main menu.