About me

I am a teacher and practitioner of tantric massage, a somatic sex coach and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. My path to this has been through a lifetime study and exploration of the body and how sexual energy is key to our engagement with life.

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Kian’s hands are strong, tender and loving all at once and it was wonderful for me to be touched everywhere in a deeply sensual way. The massage I received was a fantastic experience and I felt safe in Kian’s presence, which is very warm and inclusive. When out walking afterwards I was much more aware of the people, the trees, the sounds: I felt alive and more reconnected with both my environment and the energy within my body. Vicki, Medical Professional

I have been a panel judge on the Grand Jury for Conspicuous Sensuality for the Erotic Awards and am now Chairman of the Sexual Freedom Awards. I co-sponsored the first UK Sexological Bodywork Training which started in April 2014, am in my second year of assisting on the UK Quodoushka program and am a co-founder and Chairman of The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexology.

Other areas I have worked in include nutritional therapy and martial arts tuition. I studied Wilhelm Reich, the renowned student of Freud who linked sexual repression to individual illness and state repression, during my first degree at the University of Bradford 1989-91. After exploring Reichian therapy and breathwork I took the Sacred Intimate Training with Body Electric at Wildwood, California in 1994; an in-depth training in Taoist Erotic Massage, anal massage, breathwork and midwifery to the dying.

On my return to England I started taking other tantric trainings, which I continue to do, and co-facilitated the SkyDancing peer practice group at the Open Centre in London. I furthered my study of bodywork during 5 months in Poona, India in 1996, learning Osho Rebalancing which is essentially identical with Jack Painter’s Structural Integration (itself a fusion of Rolfing and Reichian bodywork). I received Sannyas there and have worked under my Sannyasin name of Gyan Nisarg although I now prefer my birth name as it feels more authentic.

I see Kian regularly for tantric massage. He is expert at arousing his client’s erotic sensitivity, and does this with great technical skill. He is also a most amiable man, with a clear understanding of his client’s needs. I recommend him without reservation. T. R., Doctor

I studied Wing Tchun kung fu for many years and achieved a rank of Senior Trainer, running regular classes in Brighton. In 2005 I received a BSc Hons degree in Health Sciences: Nutritional Therapy  from the University of Westminster which had facsinating bio-medical components including anatomy and physiology, bio-chemistry, pharmacology and differential diagnosis as well as the application of nutrition for optimal physical and mental health.

My participation in men’s work has included work with Michael Meade & Malidoma Somé, The Edward Carpenter Community and on-going involvement with The ManKind Project.

More recently, since 2008 I have been studying shamanism and shamanic sexuality with the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society which has opened up a vast new perspective on sexual health and the many varieties of sexual expression and experience.

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