London Tantra Massage Weekend

Two exquisite Tantric massage workshops. Featuring detailed anatomy, connecting with yourself and others, demonstration and practice. Come to one or to both!

A previous participant wrote:

Gyan Nisarg (Kian de la Cour} is one of the foremost teachers in this country of the work of Joe Kramer, the leading California expert of taoist tantra massage. Read one of Joe’s articles here + if it resonates strongly with you, book your place in London on March 30/31 for the couple’s massage workshop. There is only space for 10 couples, + places are filling up. Book up @ Eventbrite now! xx

Experiencing full-body touch without having to be concerned about a partner’s pleasure, the person receiving reaches a deep state of internal awareness. Practitioners of this art can access an inner certainty, along with profound pleasure and ecstatic states. For partners, sharing this practice can be deeply bonding, allowing those with divergent desires to meet in a place of bliss.

Pleasure itself is healing. Learning to choose pleasure instead of suffering is the first key to erotic empowerment. Pleasure is also a pathway to spirit. As the body relaxes in a full-body massage it releases hormones that facilitate feelings of love, bonding and trust. With sexual stimulation we produce a cascade of powerful endorphins that build a feeling of bliss. This is the biochemistry of ecstasy. With prana pumps engaged by prolonged deep breathing, the heart opens, energy spirals through the chakras, and we can experience ecstatic unity with the divine in ourselves and in others. “This is about integrating spirit at the cellular level.”