Rosetta Healing and Anal Mapping

Rosetta Healing and Anal Mapping: A Shakti Tantra Top-Up Day

How would you like to let go of tension you did not even know you carried?
How would you like to enjoy informed, comfortable, exquisite anal exploration?
How would you feel different if you had more expansiveness, less shame and more energy in your first chakra?
Join us to explore the final frontier of pleasure and find out!

Who for: Individuals and couples. All genders and sexualities are very welcome. If you are in a partnership and would like to work with a specific partner, please let us know when booking.

When: Friday 11th April 10-5pm

Where: The Fire Spirit Temple, Devon

Price: £75 – Bring your own lunch.

This will be a friendly hands-on workshop for both beginners and the more experienced in which we will explore:

· How to enjoy anal exploration in safety and comfort
· In-depth anatomy of the anal/pelvic area
· Sexual health and hygiene
· Establishing new neural pathways for pleasure
· Clearing shame
· Expanding whole-body erotic awareness

This is the root of our being, our base chakra and our right to be here. When we relax and open here, we automatically open our entire being. The anus is an area of our bodies that we seldom see or may never have seen, and rarely allow others to see. Throughout our lives, we can build associations of shame, contracting and petrifying our capacity to feel by holding on/in. To be touched in such an intimate and hidden place can be deeply affirming. It often represents the dark, hidden parts of ourselves that we don’t want to feel or fear feeling; our shadow. However we can also hide our shining and gifts that we have not yet fully owned. Tremendous power is present in the shadow – there is gold in the darkness to be discovered.

In this day we will explore the mysteries of the land down under in a gentle and meditative way. We will learn how to touch another and how to open to ourselves. We will map unknown territories and bring the light of consciousness to the darkness. Your individual boundaries and choices will be honoured throughout the day.

Anal mapping is not massage – it is more akin to yoni/vajra healing, being the application of deliberate, specific touch with the invitation for the receiver to engage their consciousness from the inside with the giver’s touch outside.

Your facilitators:

Kian de la Cour has 20 years of experience as an erotic bodyworker and somatic sex coach with teachers including Shakti Tantra, Eric Mainard, Joseph Kramer, Barbara Carrellas, Harley Swiftdeer, Alan Lowen and Sarita.

Katie Sarra is a Shakti Tantra teacher. Comfortable with all aspects of sexuality, she invites you to experience your shame-free naturalness, enabling you to expand into with all aspects of your life and relationships. teacher