Sexual Surrogacy

As a sexual surrogate I work together with psychotherapist Padma Deva in the triadic model developed by Masters and Johnson .  It is a very different model to sex coaching and might be appropriate for the single person who has had little or no sexual experience. For all enquires about tantric surrogate therapy with me in London, including rates, please contact Padma directly here:

Men who are looking for a female surrogate are also advised to contact her directly.

For more information please refer to the International Professional Surrogates Association here

A course of sessions, usually 10 or more, is tailored to the client’s needs, allowing issues to be dealt with and new skills taught in a gradual, comprehensive and cumulative way.

Topics covered include:

+   Intimate communication (boundary setting, discussing preferences)
+   Intimacy-building exercises such as eye gazing and non-sexual touch
+   Learning your own body’s responses
+   Learning how to give sexual pleasure to another person
+   Learning about safe sex practices, anatomy and much more…

These topics are discussed first with the therapist and then practised one-to-one with the surrogate.