Brighton Tantric Massage Weekend

“Such a beautiful workshop. Great facilitation, friendly sacred space, and lovely participants … Seriously one of the best workshops I’ve done.”

A series of 3 stand-alone but related events celebrating sacred erotic touch. Start your new year as you mean to go on!

Central Brighton
February 8, 9 & 10, 2013

Honouring the Yoni: A Guided Demonstration

Surrender to Bliss: Lingham Massage in Theory and Practice

Gateway to Ecstasy: Yoni Massage in Theory and Practice


In these comprehensive day workshops we will explore how we can honour the divine masculine and feminine through massage of the Lingham (penis) and Yoni (vulva) through Tantric Massage. By gentle loving touch, profound relaxation and healing can occur within the recipient and/or between the giver and recipient. The day will include:


  •     Detailed anatomy presentations
  •     Discussion of genital reflexology
  •     Discussion of male and female ejaculation
  •     How to approach and connect to the recipient
  •     A full demonstration of tantric massage massage showing specific strokes
  •     Breathing for energetic charging and discharging
  •     The chance be guided in your own experience with your partner
  •     Comparison of Taoist Erotic Massage and Tantric massage
  •     A handout to guide your practice at home