Tantric Massage

The most experienced Tantric massage in Devon for men and women

I intuitively blend deep and light strokes to wake up your body and direct your consciousness into the present moment, combining Tantric Massage, deep tissue (myofascial) bodywork, stretching, guided breathing, and Taoist erotic massage.

The entire experience is client led and I will talk to you beforehand and during the massage about your preferences.

According to Taoist theory genital massage stimulates the release of Ching Chi – the fine, pure energy of reproduction, new life and renewal. This energy is circulated around the body by the receiver’s breath and the masseur’s movements, allowing the recipient’s body to achieve a higher than usual vibratory rate, which is both pleasurable and health-giving.

How might you expect to feel after a tantric massage?

You can expect to feel lighter than usual and filled with energy, tingling and refreshed. Erotic trance and a blissful, extended, high level of arousal may also occur.

I felt totally safe in Kian’s experienced and loving hands. He massages the whole body with respect and brings an element of spiritual connection which resulted in a feeling of total wholeness; body, mind and spirit connected.

I felt alive and energised and a state of sheer bliss stayed with me for hours. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

T. M.

Sensual tantric massage

Tantric Massage Rates

The minimum time for tantric massage is 2 hours and I charge £110 per hour in Devon or £150 per hour in London.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot make your appointment I ask for 72 hours advance notice. Missed appointments not cancelled or rescheduled within this time incur a 50% charge.

Active Receiving

Receiving is a skill and this is doubly true for tantric massage! Receiving means being open and receptive, rather than just passive, and I invite you to be an active recipient: to engage with the experience by breathing, stretching, moving, making sounds… All of this will deepen your experience as well as giving me feedback as to what you like.

Another part of active receiving is asking for what you want

While many people find this difficult at first I invite you to assume authority for your experience. If you want to be touched somewhere, want me to avoid touching somewhere, want more or less of a particular stroke or kind of touch, let me know.

While I am highly intuitive, by expressing your desires you empower yourself, and this can then spread out into all areas of your life.

Speaking out also short-circuits the tendency to be busy talking to yourself instead of being present in the moment.

Receiving a tantric massage is a completely different experience to partner sex. To gain the most from it, you are advised to receive a series of sessions.

As you return for subsequent sessions you will find that you are able to enter into the space more easily and thus gain even more.

Sensory Amnesia

This is a term coined by one of my teachers, Joseph Kramer, to describe the phenomenon where people numb out the pelvic area as a result of trauma or sex-negative shame due to messages received in early life such as “Don’t touch yourself there”.

Receiving genital touch with full awareness can counter and replace those messages and can also result in more physical capacity to feel pleasure via the creation of new neural pathways and their reinforcement.

How often can I receive Tantric Massage? And for how long?

Some people receive monthly, others weekly; frequency varies by individual so you are encouraged to experiement with what feels right for you.

If you are new to tantric massage it is highly recommended that you have a series of sessions as your enjoyment is likely to increase as you build new neural pathways and learn to navigate the space.

The minimum time for tantric massage is 2 hours.

The massage I received from Kian was calm, unhurried, sensuous and very thorough, and took me to the highest heights of enjoyment, and calm depths of profound relaxation, in a most re-assuring and natural manner. This masseur is very highly recommended.

W. H.

Sports therapist

Will you orgasm?

Contrary to many people’s expectations of erotic massage, achieving orgasm is not necessary but is entirely optional.

Striving for orgasm can bring you out of the present and into a goal-orientated mindset so I invite you to discover what your experience will be as it occurs, without preconceptions.

If orgasm does occur, that is fine too.

Tantric massage intake form

Before you come along to a tantric massage session I invite you to fill in a simple form in advance.

Please download the Tantric massage intake form

Why do you need bodywork?

Most people do not receive regular massage and as such arrive for sessions holding tension which can get in the way of fully relaxing and enjoying the experience.

One element of the bodywork is myofascial release. Fascia is the structured connective tissue which surrounds every single muscle, organ and bone in the body, connecting every part of the body to every other part, and adhesion in one area can negatively impact upon one or more other apparently unconnected areas.

The release of myofascial restrictions in one area of the body through deep tissue massage and stretching can be felt in and will affect other areas and organs, through a release of tension in the whole fascia system, and this can be a profound felt experience.

Some benefits of bodywork

  • Brings the recipient out of their head (past / future orientation) and into their body (and the present moment)
  • Builds connections within the body: between the limbs; the upper & lower body; the heart & sex; the body & mind…
  • Relaxes muscles and the whole body-mind, inducing a meditative Alpha brain wave state
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles
  • Brings more energy and conscious awareness to the body


As featured on Tantra Link and Glastonbury Tantric Temple