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Tantric massage Devon for men and women

Tantric massage for men and women in Devon with Kian de la Cour, 07952 469848.

Why pleasure? Because ecstatic, sensual bliss is our birthright. It’s that simple.

I focus on expanding your capacity for intimacy with yourself and others, allowing you permission to fully experience pleasure and helping you to re/discover your authenticity.

Through tantric massage and somatic (body-focussed) coaching, I help clients overcome the impact of sexual taboos, enabling them to lead fulfilling erotic lives. I welcome people of all genders and sexual orientation in my beautiful Seaside practice rooms in Dawlish, Devon.

Maybe you want to re/connect with your body’s capacity for bliss, or maybe you are aware of particular obstacles to your erotic expression and enjoyment that you’d like to get past. Or perhaps you are a tantric or bioenergetic practitioner who wishes to navigate ecstatic erotic trance states. If any of these ring true for you, then you have come to the right place.

Appreciating yourself as an independent sexual being and recognising your own desires are the first steps toward intimacy, authenticity and ecstasy. Contact me today to arrange a free consultation.


I always feel completely balanced after a massage from Kian. He possesses a beautiful combination of qualities – clear, sensitive, aware and present – and is a true healer. I would highly recommend him to both men and women.

Kavida Rei

Author of Tantric Sex and Ultimate Erotic Massage